Models to Watch: Katarina

Working with truly creative models is a delight and, aside from all her other qualities as a model, there is no denying Katarina’s creativity.

A genuinely international model currently based in Glasgow, Katarina is, like all really creative people, an inspiration to work with.

If you’re a photographer and you’re interested in doing something new, you should book her, that’s all. I know she tours around a lot, so wherever you are: get in touch with her.

You can keep up with her pictures on her Instagram and Twitter.

And I didn’t even mention that she’s a cracking photographer!

References from models

References are important! I’ve worked with many, many models over several years. Keep scrolling down to see comments left by models as references for me.

Most of these references were left for me via which is a useful site for UK based models. Feel free to contact any of the models directly for a private reference.

Did you know I also offer model hosting in central London in certain circumstances? So if you’re thinking of visiting London, and you’d like to shoot, get in touch!

Remember, you must take your online security seriously and check out everyone you contact online before meeting them for real.

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