Breaking News: It seems the Zivity invite system is broken, which means I can’t send invites out. Feel free to input your details below and I’ll send you an invite as and when it starts to work again, or just go here and click JOIN in the top right hand corner. You should be able to get your free trial there.

And don’t forget you can always see thousands of pictures for a monthly pledge of just $1 on my Patreon page!

I have free trials available for Zivity just complete this extensive form and press Submit! You’ll get an email from Zivity with the details, but it might take an hour or two.


The free trial is designed to give you a taste of Zivity but doesn’t give you access to all the sets: many of them are set to Subscribers Only. Click here and you can pay a subscription to the site at any time and become a subscriber, and I would encourage you to to so!

Once you’re a subscriber make sure you vote on the sets; there are some great incentives to reward you when you do!

(Just so you know, you can only have one trial per email address; so if you don’t get an invite it’s probably because you’ve already had one. Maybe it’s time to subscribe?)

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