Models to Watch: Gracieuxlove

Anyone who follows my work will know that Gracie is one of my favourite models, and she keeps coming back to shoot with me! Don’t ask me why…

If you’re a photographer this is one model to go out of your way to work with. I can’t believe she’s still charging such low rates, so make sure you book her while you can! She’ll bring her magic to any project you have in mind.

Or you can just follow her on social media; she embraces every new platform that emerges, but if you start with her Instagram, her Twitter and her FaceBook I’m sure you’ll pick up the rest!

This very savvy young lady also has her own website which you should check out.

The prints are in the post!

My first $100 per month patron on Patreon will get his prints in the mail tomorrow!

There are several reward tiers on my Patreon page, starting at only £1 per month and going up to £100!

If you pledge just $1 per month you’ll get to see a set of pictures every week, as well as all the sets that have already been uploaded. Each set has more than 20 pictures on average, so this is a pretty good deal!

Many of the sets are exclusive to my Patreon page.

Visit the page to see how each pledge is rewarded, and maybe try out a small pledge at first to see how it works.

If you want a print every month all you have to do is pledge $100 or more, then every month you just let me know which picture you’d like as an A4 print.

Then just sit back, relax and wait for it to drop through your letter box!

How cool is that?

What is Zivity?

Models often ask what Zivity is and what it would mean to them. While I don’t think it’s my job to sell Zivity to anyone, and I’m only affiliated to the site by virtue of being a contributing photographer, I’ll try to answer the question.

Zivity is a site where models and photographers upload photosets and the members of the site vote for the sets they like. Each vote costs the members $1 and 55% of that goes to the model, 30% to the photographer and 15% to the site. So the model gets almost twice as much as the photographer ☹️ There’s no justice!

As an example: my most popular set has 563 votes, so the model has so far made $309.65 from that set alone. You can upload as many sets as you like.

Most models offer incentives for each set, which can be extra pictures, or a video, which the model sends to the member once they have voted a certain number of times.

The models that do well on the site are the ones who engage with the members, send and receive messages, that kind of thing. I’m told about half an hour a day spent replying to messages yields great results in votes.

It’s quite possible to make $300 – $400 per month from the site as a model. I’m sure there are many models who make more, and those who don’t engage with the site will make a lot less, even of their pictures are great.

You can see how much models are making by clicking here; remember each vote is a dollar and the model gets 55%.

Payments are made quarterly via PayPal.

Want to give it a go? Get in touch – let’s make some money!

Booking a shoot

Would you like to shoot with me? Whether your interested in becoming a model, or you’re curious about doing a shoot, or you just fancy a few pictures – you’ve come to the right place!

This is my job which means I can go pretty much anywhere at anytime. Last minute bookings are a speciality – try me!

Just contact me using the form below and I’ll be in touch to start the ball rolling. If you can’t think of what to say just put “Interested in a shoot” and I’ll do the rest!

Modelling for Pablo Ray

Hopefully I can answer most of the questions you’re likely to have if you follow these links, but feel free to use the form below to ask me about anything at all.

Booking a shoot all you need to know about getting Pablo on your team!

Collaborations with models on creative projects, portfolio updates or syndications.

References from models I’ve worked with. Always check people out if you don’t know them!

Model hosting in central London. If you’ve got some work that brings you to London I can offer you a shoot-for-accommodation trade.


Are you a model? You can find me on PurplePort and ModelMayhem, along with several references. I often collaborate with models – see below – and I can even offer model hosting in Central London!

If you are a model and you’d like to shoot with me on a collaborative basis, please read on.

I’ve found it’s best to make a few things clear before embarking on a collaboration:

  • a collaboration means we’ll be working together to create something for our mutual benefit.
  • this might be pictures for our portfolios or sets of pictures for online or print publication.
  • if we collaborate I will not charge you my usual fee.
  • I will send you the finished pictures, which you’re free to use as we have agreed.
  • the copyright of the pictures remains with me.

I often collaborate with models to shoot sets for Zivity, so if you’re registered on Zivity, or you’re curious about it, let me know.

So! Fancy a collaboration? Cool! Get in touch using this form:

Model hosting in London

I offer model hosting in central London in certain circumstances.

I thought a few pictures might be useful to give you an idea of what the place is like, so I pulled some out of the archive. You can see them here, but you’ll need a password – just ask me for it.

I live and work in a Georgian townhouse in Islington, London, very near Angel tube station. Apart from my darkroom, the lower floor is taken up by the guest suite; bedroom and bathroom. You’re very welcome to use the rest of the house as well of course – there are a couple of pictures of the sitting and dining rooms too.

There’s high-speed wi-fi all over the house.

Models frequently stay a few days when they have work in London. I don’t charge for the room; we’ll just do a shoot or two while you’re here.

If you keep scrolling down you’ll see some comments from models who’ve stayed here, or have a look at the References page. You’re welcome to contact any of the models who have stayed here if you wish.

I hope you can come and stay soon!

References from models

References are important! I’ve worked with many, many models over several years. Keep scrolling down to see comments left by models as references for me, and you’re welcome to contact any of them.

Remember, you must take your online security seriously and check out everyone you contact online before meeting them for real.

Most of these references were left for me via which is a useful site for UK based models.