Models to Watch: Celia

When Celia Nen decided to become a model she was foolish enough to get in touch with me! She did her first ever shoot with me and I’ve followed her career ever since.

Not only a great model but also a dancer, Celia brings a natural grace and poise to her pictures that few can match. She takes great delight in rope bondage shoots, having a particular enjoyment of the genre.

I’d recommend Celia to any photographer, no matter how experienced, but please note that you shouldn’t attempt rope bondage unless you’re competent. Book her if you can, in London or as she travels the country. You can be sure of a good shoot.

Follow her pictures on Twitter and Instagram too.

Models to Watch: Katarina

Working with truly creative models is a delight and, aside from all her other qualities as a model, there is no denying Katarina’s creativity.

A genuinely international model currently based in Glasgow, Katarina is, like all really creative people, an inspiration to work with.

If you’re a photographer and you’re interested in doing something new, you should book her, that’s all. I know she tours around a lot, so wherever you are: get in touch with her.

You can keep up with her pictures on her Instagram and Twitter.

And I didn’t even mention that she’s a cracking photographer!

Models to watch: Peach

Cheekbones to die for, long legs, a perfectly proportioned figure: I’ve no idea why Peach decided to become a model… Glad she did, though.

Aside from her obvious beauty, Peach is an intelligent woman which is no doubt why she only decided to shoot with me a few months ago. If you’re a photographer and you get the chance, make sure you book her. She’s an absolute force of nature. Although she’s based in Edinburgh she’s off travelling soon, so wherever you are see if she’s passing by.

You can keep up with her modelling pictures on her Instagram, and with her mad antics on Twitter and FaceBook.

She also happens to be a first rate photographer.

Models to watch: Tessa

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing beautiful Portuguese model Tessa for several years now, and we’ve had so many great shoots together.

Originally from Portugal, Tessa now lives in London and travels a lot for shoots. Whether you’re an experienced photographer or a beginner, I can recommend booking Tessa for a shoot.

You can just sit back and enjoy her pictures even if you’re not a photographer, of course! Check out her Instagram pictures, or keep up with her antics on her Twitter feed.