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Thanks for dropping by! What can I help you with? You’ll find most things in the menu up the top there.


Want to see some pictures? Your best bet is to visit my Patreon page. I post pictures almost every day on Patreon, and at least once a week I post whole sets of pictures, and also videos. It is true that you have to pay to see the posts, but pledges start at just $1 per month, which you must agree is very reasonable! It’s a great way to see pictures that you won’t see anywhere else.

There is also Zivity, where you can see whole sets of great pictures and get in touch with the models themselves. I can even give you a free Zivity trial! Remember to vote on the sets so you can see the extra pictures and videos – they’re worth it!

Otherwise visit the social media sites I use: Instagram, FaceBook, Flickr, Tumblr… but remember that I only show a very limited number of ‘safe’ pictures on social media – the good stuff goes on Patreon! You can also buy prints and stuff on RedBubble.

Want to book a shoot? I’ve shot everything from people risking their lives clearing minefields in Bosnia to naked ladies frolicking on the London Underground (only narrowly escaped with my life from that last one!) I hardly ever shoot in a studio, generally use available light – whether it’s daylight, ceiling light, candlelight or Marlboro Lite – and pride myself on running a relaxed shoot so you feel comfortable enough to express yourself. Have a look here for more details.

Are you a model? You can find me on PurplePort and ModelMayhem, along with several references. I often collaborate with models, and I can even offer model hosting in Central London!

Fancy a laugh? Have a look at my behind-the-scenes Instagram!

Anything else I can help you with? Just ask. Use this form:

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