Platinum Tier Rewards

There are five levels, or tiers, of support available on my Patreon: Carbon, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

When you visit my Patreon page you’ll notice that most of the posts are only viewable to patrons, that is people who provide me with monthly support – so that I can pay my bills and keep taking pictures for y’all.

Image © Pablo Ray

Privileged Patrons

The fifth level is the Platinum tier, currently set at $100 per month, goes above and beyond the Internet. Obviously it gives you access to all my Patreon content, but there’s something else.

On top of all the benefits of being a Carbon, Bronze, Silver and Gold tier patron, Platinum patrons get a print of their choice every month. Yup – any picture in any of the photosets can be sent directly to you (there might be an additional postage charge if you’re outside of Europe).

Image © Pablo Ray

How it works

Sign-up here

Every month, you send me the reference number of the picture you want. I print it out and send it to you. Cool huh?

So, when you see that special picture that speaks to you remember: I can send you a print right away. And if you want extra prints, just ask.

pabloray_Lottii Rose_1540.jpg
bondage, erotic, kink, nude, rope

There’s more!

There’s one further reward tier: the Diamond. Check it out.

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