Silver Tier Rewards

There are five levels, or tiers, of support available on my Patreon: Carbon, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

When you visit my Patreon page you’ll notice that most of the posts are only viewable to patrons, that is people who provide me with monthly support – so that I can pay my bills and keep taking pictures for y’all.

silver tier locked

The third level is the Silver tier, currently set at $20 per month, which gives you access to the Wednesday Set, the daily pictures, and the daily photosets!

silver tier unlockedEvery daily photoset contains between 15 and 35 exclusive pictures, and with the Silver tier you get to see every photoset, everyday, as it comes out.

silver tier signup

How it works

Sign-up here

When you open your post you’ll see the high resolution picture, and there’ll also be a link saying Click here to see the set – hit that and you’ll be taken to a gallery with the pictures.

What else is there?

Most Wednesdays you’ll also see a link about the video I shot at the same time as the pictures, which is available to Gold tier patrons. Everyone loves these videos!

There are three further tiers – GoldPlatinum and Diamond.

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