What is ‘content share’? Is it a good thing?

In today’s world, content is king. This is how most of it is created.

When I started out in photography life was in many ways much simpler. Magazines needed pictures, they paid a photographer to take them; and he’d pay for his studio, a model, a makeup artist, a tea-boy and a cat.

It doesn’t work like that anymore – for obvious reasons which I’m not going into now.

These days most of us make our income in little chunks; some paid shoots, print sales, the odd assignment, but mostly from various online platforms which we have to run ourselves, i.e. Patreon. It’s the same for models.

All of those platforms need content, i.e. pictures, and that’s where the ‘content share’ comes in. All it means is that a photographer and a model get together, they shoot a few sets, which the ‘tog edits down, and then they can both use the pictures on their various platforms – and each make as much money as they can from them.

Usually the model makes much more than the photographer, of course. There’s no justice.

Model: Lucerne

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