The prints are in the post!

My first $100 per month patron on Patreon will get his prints in the mail tomorrow!

There are several reward tiers on my Patreon page, starting at only £1 per month and going up to £100!

If you pledge just $1 per month you’ll get to see a set of pictures every week, as well as all the sets that have already been uploaded. Each set has more than 20 pictures on average, so this is a pretty good deal!

Many of the sets are exclusive to my Patreon page.

Visit the page to see how each pledge is rewarded, and maybe try out a small pledge at first to see how it works.

If you want a print every month all you have to do is pledge $100 or more, then every month you just let me know which picture you’d like as an A4 print.

Then just sit back, relax and wait for it to drop through your letter box!

How cool is that?

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