What is Zivity?

Models often ask what Zivity is and what it would mean to them. While I don’t think it’s my job to sell Zivity to anyone, and I’m only affiliated to the site by virtue of being a contributing photographer, I’ll try to answer the question.

SAD NEWS Zivity is dead. You can now go to Patreon to see my photosets.

Zivity is a site where models and photographers upload photosets and the members of the site vote for the sets they like. Each vote costs the members $1 and 55% of that goes to the model, 30% to the photographer and 15% to the site. So the model gets almost twice as much as the photographer ☹️ There’s no justice!

As an example: my most popular set has 563 votes, so the model has so far made $309.65 from that set alone. You can upload as many sets as you like.

Most models offer incentives for each set, which can be extra pictures, or a video, which the model sends to the member once they have voted a certain number of times.

The models that do well on the site are the ones who engage with the members, send and receive messages, that kind of thing. I’m told about half an hour a day spent replying to messages yields great results in votes.

It’s quite possible to make $300 – $400 per month from the site as a model. I’m sure there are many models who make more, and those who don’t engage with the site will make a lot less, even of their pictures are great.

You can see how much models are making by clicking here; remember each vote is a dollar and the model gets 55%.

Payments are made quarterly via PayPal.

Want to give it a go? Get in touch – let’s make some money!

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