References from models

References are important! I’ve worked with many, many models over several years. Keep scrolling down to see comments left by models as references for me, and you’re welcome to contact any of them.

Remember, you must take your online security seriously and check out everyone you contact online before meeting them for real.

Most of these references were left for me via which is a useful site for UK based models.

73 thoughts on “References from models

  1. Pablo was actually the first photographer I ever worked with, and we have worked together several times since then. I always have fun shooting with him, and we have made so many great images together! Pablo is really good at giving direction, so working with him has always been very easy for me both when I was completely new to modelling and also now when I’m more experienced. I always love the results of the shoots with Pablo! He is also very friendly, and I’ve got to stay at his spare room a couple of times when I’ve needed somewhere to stay. I would highly recommend working with Pablo to anyone who wants some stunning new pictures for their portfolio. 😀

  2. Pablo is a total star, not only did he let me and Ms Sassy stay at his lovely house he is an amazing photographer.

    He is totally genuine & has a great eye for erotic shots. Pulls the best out of you as a model & works your unique quirks into the shots.

    Recommended on many levels and looking forward to working with him in the future.

  3. Loved working with Pablo on my recent tour in London. so much so I’m going back in December Smile He put up with myself and Peachpeach and let us stay in his lovely home and was such a warm and welcoming host.

    Love all the images he took and can’t recommend him enough as a photographer. Looking forward to working with him again.

    Miss Sassy Su X

  4. Working with Paul was quite an experience.

    Paul was kind enough to put me up for a couple of nights so we could work together this week. He is personable, easy to talk to and an excellent host.

    Our shoot together was different to anything I have ever done before – Paul knew exactly what he wanted and there were several poses he put me in that really surprised me by looking good. The process of working through a set with Paul was fascinating and I really enjoyed being a part of the story evolutions.

    I would definitely recommend Paul and I would work with him again in a heartbeat.

    Katarina x

  5. Hi!!

    last week I was a guest along with my colleague and friend Valentina Patat at pablo’s home!

    I can not find words to describe his skill and professionality …. friendly, nice and very friendly

    I recommend to all to take with him …

    wonderful person!

    see you soon pablo…and sorry for my bad english XD

  6. I’ve had the pleasure to work and stay at Pablo’s wonderful place last week.

    Not only he’s a great person, his photographic skills are superb, he’s so good at making everyone feel comfortable, is very kind and professional.

    Also, I already got the first set we shoot and I LOVE IT!

    I’d suggest to anyone to work with this wonderful man and hope I will be staying at his place or at least have dinner with him again soon!


  7. My first shoot with Pablo and it went very well.

    Pablo is a lovely person and is a very good photographer. He was friendly and the shoot was relaxed. We did some bondage and soft girl girl and i stayed at pablos house while i was in london.

    The pics are great and i recommend 😀

  8. I did my first shoot with Pablo at his beautiful house yesterday he came to meet me at the station and made me feel unbelievably relaxed thereafter 😊

    As this was only my second shoot I was still finding my feet with positioning my body, facial expressions etc. Pablo knows exactly what he wants and what works beautifully with your body, his direction is outstanding and at all times remaining a gentleman. He made sure I was happy/comfortable with everything and even letting me go over the images as we went on.

    I love your work, you have an eye for art that I appreciate and admire. Your images are beautiful and your energy is lovely.

    Thank you, looking forward to working with you again in the future.

    I can’t recommend Pablo enough, FIRST CLASS

  9. I had such a lovely experience shooting and staying with Pablo. He is such a star giving me a room for a couple of days, showing me round the area and helping me with where I was travelling. When I finally got to shoot with him we had such a giggle and had loads of ideas the time just flew by!

    I cant wait to see the images! I’ve never tried rope work before but he made me feel so at ease and everything we did was upto me. Couldnt have asked for it to go better.

    Thanks so much!

    LottiiRose x

  10. I had a wonderful shoot with paul at his home studio and he made sure I was very relaxed and comfortable at all times, we got some amazing shots from the day and I would highly recommend him to other models.

    very easy to get along with and talk to and very welcoming I would definitely work with again

  11. I loved working with Pablo, not only is he a fantastic photographer, but also a wonderful person too.

    We did a tasteful rope bondage shoot and he was respectful at all times. He knows what he is doing and model comfort/safety is always paramount.

    Pablo is an incredibly interesting guy and very easy to get on with, I felt relaxed in his company immediately. He also very kindly let me stay over and was the perfect host. He made me feel very welcome.

    Highly recommended!

  12. I’ve worked with Pablo quite a few times now, he’s just one of this photographer I can shoot with over and over again.. he is just fantastic at what he does. Firstly, his shoots run so smoothly.. there’s such a relaxed atmosphere that you feel comfortable immediately. I did my very first erotic shoot the first time I met Pablo and I remember how serene I felt. Secondly, Pablo is extremely respectful, which is very important especially during an erotic, bondage or g/g shoot, and he always ensure that his model(s) is/are happy with everything during the shoot. And thirdly, his work is just bloody brilliant!! Pablo has such a distinctive style and he knows what he’s doing. I could stop there but I have to add what a lovely person he is. Great to chat to, fun, well mannered, respectful and a true gentleman. Oh… and he makes the best coffee!! 👍! I’m really looking forward to our next shoot in a couple weeks time… and to one of his tasty coffee!! Book a shoot with Pablo Ray now, you really won’t be disappointed. Highly recommended! Marla x

  13. I shot with Paul at his home, where he hosted me for a couple of days.

    His house is a great place for shooting, very tasteful, with a lot of character and tons of beautiful natural light.

    He’s very relaxed and knows how to give directions to get the perfect photo, he has a great eye for detail, he’s respectful and made me feel at ease while shooting.

    He also gave the finished images just 2 days after shooting! I can’t wait to see the analog photos.

    I totally recommend him.

  14. Paul is perfect for tasteful photography with a professional service. I have enjoyed working with him 3 times now and every time I get fantastic results delivered quickly.

    This photo shoot was nude girl/girl with bondage. He shot it very tastefully, creating the perfect mix of erotic, fetish and art. He was respectful at all times, I felt relaxed and safe even when I was tied up. I had an amazing time on the day with plenty of giggles and fun.

    I would highly recommend working with him.

  15. I finally got to work with Paul on a shoot with ToxiCherry. He was very professional and what I personally feel is a rare “breed” of photographer, an artist with an incredible eye and such a relaxed manner!

    He truly knows what works and it was one of those rare shoots in my life where I actually didn’t have to think much at all… Usually I am the one to come up with all the poses, decide what works best, think up ideas and so forth… But with Paul it just proves how true simplicity works so well and of course with beautiful natural light.

    His work is done so tastefully, and in a way that I personally feel engages the viewer and makes his images tell a story.

    Recommended and would certainly work with again!

  16. And another fabulous shoot and genuine company. With great communication leading up to our shoot and my stay in London, we’ve developed great model/photographer chemistry and friendship since my last stay last year. I’m always proud of the work we produce. Thank you again, Paul for such a great shoot and for everything in between.

  17. A true gentleman and a remarkable photographer.

    we started shooting around midday at Paul’s home , which I a may add is exceptionally elegant. I spent a fair bit of time being a chatter box and conversation flowed really naturally. I felt incredibly at ease and comfortable. when we started the shoot Paul gave really good direction and really considered each shot. he showed me many shots as we went and I was stunned at how atmospheric they were.

    to sum up Paul is a brilliant photographer and I felt he captured some hidden parts of my soul in his photos. defiantly recommend working with him to other models and I hope I am able to shoot with him again soon!

  18. Paul was a complete gentleman. Hes photography has a real edge to it. Images straight to me in good time. I would 100% recommend working with him.

  19. It was my first shoot with Paul which I really enjoyed. He met me from the station and we walked back to his house which I completely fell in love with. He’s very friendly and kind.

    He managed to capture something that no other photographer has managed to capture in me.

    I think his photography is truly inspiring. He works with both digital and film which i find really interesting and exciting at the same time. After our shoot he sent me digital copies of the images really fast.

    I also stayed at Paul’s home while I was in London. He was extremely accommodating and even made me coffee in the morning 😊 we also went out for dinner on the Sunday which was really lovely as we got to know each other before shooting.

    Thanks again for having me Paul I hope to come and stay again with you soon!

    The images look amazing!!

  20. I shot with Pablo twice earlier this year and both shoots went great. We talked everything through before starting and he made sure that I was happy with everything and that I knew I could simply let him know if I felt uncomfortable at any point – which wasn’t relevant during the shoot at all but always nice to be reassured about. He gave great, clear direction and the atmosphere of both shoots was very calm and relaxed. Pablo also turned around the digital images overnight, which was fast work, and I’m very happy with them. I have no hesitation recommending Pablo to other models, he is a great guy and very talented 🙂

  21. Had a brilliant shoot today with Paul, he has great ideas and knows what works, also was the first time I’ve done proper bondage and loved it! Really looking forward to working with him and the ropes again… 😀

  22. I had shoot with Paul two days ago.

    He is very professional and the real artist. He has a great eye for all details.

    Work with him is a great experience and a artistic pleasure.

    I always highly recommend to him!

    Thank you for everything 😊


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