Are you a model? You can find me on PurplePort and ModelMayhem, along with several references. I often collaborate with models – see below – and I can even offer model hosting in Central London!

If you are a model and you’d like to shoot with me on a collaborative basis, please read on.

I’ve found it’s best to make a few things clear before embarking on a collaboration:

  • a collaboration means we’ll be working together to create something for our mutual benefit.
  • this might be pictures for our portfolios or sets of pictures for online or print publication.
  • if we collaborate I will not charge you my usual fee.
  • I will send you the finished pictures, which you’re free to use as we have agreed.
  • the copyright of the pictures remains with me.

I often collaborate with models to shoot sets for Zivity, so if you’re registered on Zivity, or you’re curious about it, let me know.

So! Fancy a collaboration? Cool! Get in touch using this form:

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